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International Office Address & Phones

Media Communications Association-International
c/o MCA-I Madison Chapter
P.O. Box 5135
Madison, WI 53705-0135

(888) 899-MCAI (6224)
Fax: (888) 862-8150

Executive Director
Lois Weiland


Mission Officers By-Laws


The Media Communications Association International is a global community of professionals devoted to the art and business of visual communications.

We work in video, film, distance learning, web design, along with all forms of interactive communications and associated crafts.

Our members create programs to convey information for corporations, small businesses, agencies, non-profit organizations, government, education, broadcast and cable television.

The primary objective of the MCAI/Atlanta administration is to support our members' growth in video and their evolution into the new media.

To that end we seek to facilitate networking with our fellow communications professionals in all disciplines, as media convergence becomes the norm.


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