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John Osgood
John Osgood

As a boy, John Osgood was enthralled by the maze of wires, the glow of tubes, and the array of other parts inside the family’s stereo console and television. He remembers many trips with his father to use the tube testers at nearby drugstores. His father gave him a two-transistor radio kit from Radio Shack for his birthday one year. When he was ten, he got a Radio Shack AM radio kit with five tubes. He and his father spent several weeks putting it together and it worked perfectly. His father’s interest in ham radio further amplified his interest in radio theory and electronics. For a school fair, John and his father put together a telegraph key and a sounding device to create Morse Code. The project, made from scratch, included making an electromagnet from a nail surrounded by several hundred turns of copper wire. John also drew a poster listing the alphabet and numbers from zero through nine, and the codes for each. The telegraph and poster earned John an Honorable Mention.

During his grammar school days, John also wrote “newscasts” in the basement of his house and delivered them to anyone who happened to be around. Later, he attended Georgia State University, where he was a newscaster at the campus radio station, WRAS-FM/Album 88. He earned his B.A. in Journalism and a minor in Speech with emphasis in public speaking.

John began his professional career in Panama City, Florida, and moved back to Atlanta eight years later. He did freelance editing for ABC NewsOne, the affiliate feed service of ABC News and also freelanced at WGNX (later WGCL-TV).

John is now a producer at the Georgia Radio Reading Service (GaRRS), the state's only radio reading network for the blind and visually-impaired. He produces and hosts GaRRS' weekly Career Corner program, which offers job leads and job search strategies from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Georgia Department of Labor and other sources. In 2015, he was recognized by the IAAIS (International Association of Audio Information Services) 2014 Program of the Year - Consumer Information for one of his Career Corner broadcasts. That particular episode aired in October 2014 to commemorate National Disability Employment Awareness Month. John is also co-recipient of additional awards from the IAAIS for special coverage by GaRRS of the National Federation of the Blind’s 2007 “March For Independence," and 2009 Disability Day coverage at the Georgia State Capitol.

John is also a freelance audio/video editor and voiceover talent, and loves trains. He has narrated several presentations for Green Frog Productions, Ltd., a major distributor of videos for railfans and model railroad enthusiasts. looks forward to sharing his voice, editing skill and production experience with others. His voice demos are available upon request, either on CD or in MP3 form. For more about his experience and services, he can be reached at

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